Our travel in the gardens of the world

«  We have selected rare oils, precious butters, and vegetal extracts with fabulous powers in Amazonia, Africa, Asia and Europe… Many proceed from organic agriculture as we focus on the respect of the skin and the environment… »

Sophie Allouche, Founder of KOS PARIS



The lovely red-violet Acaí Berry is hand-harvested in the Amazonian rainforest from palm trees affectionately referred to as «trees of life». This unstable ingredient can only be preserved for twenty-four hours after harvest, and offers a great deal of exceptional anti-ageing constituents. It is particularly rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins (A, C, E and others), minerals and phenols, which makes it a powerful antioxidant. KOS PARIS uses it to counter the development of free radicals, protect the epidermis and improve the radiance of the complexion.


We have selected an organic Acaï Berry producer located in South America, on a small island of the Amazon Delta. Women work in cooperatives within an equitable rules-based system.


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