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«  We have selected rare oils, precious butters, and vegetal extracts with fabulous powers in Amazonia, Africa, Asia and Europe… Many proceed from organic agriculture as we focus on the respect of the skin and the environment… »

Sophie Allouche, Founder of KOS PARIS



Jojoba was discovered in the 18th century in the south of the United States. It was first developed by Americans in cooperatives who realized the first tests on Jojoba oil and brought to light its properties for the skin.

It is a yellow oil with a light texture and a fragrance similar to that of the nut.


It is composed of natural anti-oxidants such as fatty acids among which 98% is non-saturated, vitamin A and E.

Jojoba oil possesses undeniable moisturizing and protective qualities as it leaves a light, non-oily film on the skin. Its soothing properties and its biological structure close to skin sebum make it a good care for sensitive to very sensitive skins.

This oil can also be used to regulate sebum excess of the scalp. With light massage movements, it strengthens dry hair and fight dandruff.


Origin : Argentina et Israel


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