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«  We have selected rare oils, precious butters, and vegetal extracts with fabulous powers in Amazonia, Africa, Asia and Europe… Many proceed from organic agriculture as we focus on the respect of the skin and the environment… »

Sophie Allouche, Founder of KOS PARIS



Pronounced «Ba-ba-soo», the Babassu is an Amazonian palm tree that also grows in the Caribbean and United States.


Babassu butter is extracted from the kernels within the nuts. This skin benefactor contains a wealth of helpful constituents such as essential fatty acids (omega 6, omega 9), lauric acid, tocotrienols (anti-oxidant) and phytosterols. The butter has been used since ancient times for its hydrating, softening, anti-radical properties. This rare ingredient is exquisite when it is applied to the skin, providing a deep level of nourishment.


Origin : Amazonia


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